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Your Life-Journey

Whether you know it or not, you are on your life's journey. You and I are the sole captains of our ship and therefore responsible for the direction we are heading.

Each of us can take a different course in order to reach our destiny, but we all need a Map(strategy) to make adjustments daily to keep us on course. The map we design will give us an idea of how to reach that destiny.

At times it may feel like we are traveling alone, but every once and a while if we glance over, we'll see others who are also on their life-journey. Maybe we can get a little advise or company for part of that journey.

My Motivational Event is a chance for you to dock your ship for a while and gather some needed information that could help keep you on course or put you back on course towards your destiny.


We all have shaped our view of the world from multiple influences. These influences can come from what we see in the news, what we were told as we grew up, and largely what we communicate to ourselves. By changing our filter it will allow us to make different decisions that will affect our destiny.
A good example if you view the world as always against you and people are only takers, then you will make decisions to always defend yourself against others and the world around you. But if you believe that there is good in there world and people are one of your greatest resources, then you will make decisions that include others to help you on you life-journey.